2015-2024 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Ram Air Carbon FIber Hood

Sale price$2,284.98


Type-RE (Dual Snorkel Style) carbon fiber hood for 2019-2021 Dodge Challenger Hellcat/Redeye

*Functional air scoop works with Redeye "Air-Grabber" intake system
*Mounts with OE hardware, hinges and latch  
*Carbon fiber hood (A side) bonded to fiberglass "skeleton" (B side)
*Hoods are hand crafted and weigh approximately 29.1 lbs. (stock hood weighs 30.5 lbs.)
*Small imperfections such as wavy weaves are inevitable due to the size and shape of the hood scoop.
*All hoods require hood pins for safety reasons.

*Hand crafted; approximate weight 29.1 lbs.

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