custom camaro


     Here at AutoAddict we value YOU, the customer, with YOUR TIME and YOUR BUSINESS. Therefore, AutoAddict is constantly making strives toward YOUR SATISFACTION of our product line and constantly looking to bringing about the best deals at premium quality. We highly encourage YOUR INTERACTION through feedback with comments, emails, social media, etc. It is with this interaction we hope to affect positive change with the services and products we provide. This interaction also comes on behalf of AutoAddict doing its part for the customer. This includes replacement of damaged products, store credit, and full refunds if product was not to YOUR SATISFACTION.

     Starting in the summer of 2014, a business adventure was underway when space #202 was obtained at the Cypress College Swap Meet. Throughout the years, with ambition and a forward drive, the AutoAddict brand found its way to the Paramount Swap Meet, space K65, in the year 2017. Here we continue to bring the customer a positive experience and believe it is this experience that brings back so many familiar faces week in and week out. AutoAddict thus encourages new and old faces to stop in, say hi, and of course, check out exclusive swap meet offers! With now over 12 years of knowledge in the automotive industry, we here at AutoAddict would like to ENSURE YOU and YOUR CAR NEEDS.






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